I’m Danielle, the owner of Danz Sweet Dreams Cakes and from an early age I was always in the kitchen. My dad cooked well and my mum was always baking. I was nearby asking questions and watching with a keen eye. My first memory of having a cake made just for me was for my 5th birthday. I remember my mum making it from scratch the morning of the party. I remember it being white with pink flowers and green leaves. I was totally blown away. It made me feel very special, and I felt the day belonged to me. That is the way I feel about the cakes I make for other people today. I want them to feel special!

If you would like me to bake you a cake for your special occasion or find out more about my services, then give me a call or drop me an email to set up your design consultation. I specialize in creating spectacular sugar work, with edible floral arrangements and sugar decorations which I know will please my clients. I bake custom cakes for any occasion and I am only an order form away from creating a spectacular, yet delicious masterpiece for you! 

The Cake Lady